Why Join Mary Kay

Why Join Mary Kay?


When someone asks you, why did you join Mary Kay, what is your answer?  Is it because you LOVE the makeup and you want to show others the benefits of the Mary Kay product line?  Or do you want to earn some extra money and you really don’t care what the product or service is?


Your attitude and belief in your company will shine through whether you are looking to sell some makeup, have someone host a party, or talk to someone about being a Mary Kay representative.  You want to make sure your enthusiasm for Mary Kay shines through!


Here are some points you want to make sure that you understand and embrace when someone says, “Why join Mary Kay?”


–          You’ll Get Everything You Need to Have A Successful Start –  Your starter kit will include brochures, catalogs, samples, products, and even easy education on how to apply make-up.  You don’t need to be a beauty school graduate to have a successful Mary Kay business!  You’ll have enough samples to share with 30 friends at parties with your starter kit.


–          Special Bonus Offers – There are always special bonus offers running – these are chances to win even MORE free products.  You’ll also get a free email business announcement AND free business cards.


–          50 % Commission on Everything You Sell – Mary Kay has one of the highest commission rates in the direct sales industry.  You can decide what you want to do with that money you earn.  Set your goals, and the sky is the limit.


–          Flexibility on How You Sell – Not everyone wants to have a home party nowadays.  With busy lifestyles, you can offer a variety of ways for your customers to purchase from you.

  • Online – Customers can purchase directly from you online through a Mary Kay Personal Web Site
  • On The Go – You can have the quarterly catalog The Look mailed directly to your customers, or hand them out yourself.
  • One on One – You can offer one on one personalized skin care and make-up tips to friends, family and new customers.
  • Parties – You can also gather a group together and do the skin care and make-up tips in a fun group setting.


–          A Name You Know – There are direct sales companies that come and go…but the Mary Kay name is one that is known and trusted around the world.  With over $2.5 billion in global sales, Mary Kay make up is a brand that you can stand behind.

–          No Animal Testing – Mary Kay does not support animal testing and is a global leader in advocating alternative methods to animal testing for cosmetics.  No animal testing is used for Mary Kay products.


–          A Chance For Upward Mobility – There’s no glass ceiling here!!  There are over 39,000 Sales Directors worldwide and 600 National Sales Directors – the highest level in the company.  ANYONE can do it.  Just because someone else hasn’t doesn’t mean that you can’t. There is room for you too!


–          The SWAG!!! – With contests and promotions you’ll find yourself excited to earn an upcoming trip, luggage, other prizes…and oh yes…don’t forget the PINK CAR!!!


When someone asks you “Why join Mary Kay?”, your first thought should be…why would I join anyone else?!?!


Your next thought should be, how do I make sure I make the MOST out of these incredible opportunities that I have in front of me?  You’ll want to make sure that you make a clear plan with your upline leader.  Your Mary Kay leader will help develop a plan that will guide you to success.  Remember, another GREAT thing when you join Mary Kay, is that you are not in this alone.  There are proven methods that help make this business a success and your leader will share those with you and help you to stay on track.

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